The pearl in my oyster. 

So I’ve finally gotten around to making that appointment to see the orthopaedic tomorrow because the pain in my leg is getting worse. I can’t even sleep well because of the radiating pain and also I think enough procrastination has been done. 

And X has been wonderful through it all. He’s actually in the midst of preparing for a big show and as usual, has forewarned me about his impending transformation into Invisible Man. He did  though, tell me to call whenever I want to talk because he can’t afford to let his hands idle while he’s working. That brings a secret smile to my face because I know he’ll be there if I need him. 

I didn’t actually plan on telling him about the leg but in my usual no-filter style, I somehow blurted it out. Have I mentioned how great he has been? He knows I’m a worry wart, so he keeps reassuring me that it won’t be what Google has been telling me (cancer cancer cancer!). And he makes random calls and sends random texts to tell me what he and and Godma thinks after telling her about my condition. He reminded me to bring my old x-rays just in case and keeps telling me to update him once I’m done tomorrow. Such a nag but I love it. 

None of us know what tomorrow will bring. Of course I’m scared. But hearing him being so sure that it won’t be anything serious calms me down. Bless his heart. Despite what he tells me about commitment, I’m comforted to know that he cares and that truly, truly warms the cockles of my heart so. 

Crossing everything tonight. Will update on whether I am being overly dramatic (as usual) or otherwise. This time, I’d love to be proven wrong (because I’m so egotistical I think I’m mostly right). Wish me luck. 


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