A breath of fresh air. 

After being a Pharma rep for close to four years, I’ve seen doctors who come in all shapes and sizes. My friends often ask me to marry a doctor (as if I’m some goddess who have men queuing up waiting to ask for my hand) but because I cover mainly the private specialists, they tend to be middle-aged (some old and some ancient) and above. Another thing that I noticed about doctors is that they tend to marry young, so even if they are not old, they are all married. 

I do cover a government hospital but like I said, they all tend to marry young and some of them are really too young for my liking anyway. So anyway, the point I was to make is that I’ve never harboured the thought of dating a doctor (he would be too out of my league anyways). 

Starting this month, I’ve had a slight change of territory (another government hospital) and so my concern now is remembering their names and faces so I can get to work proper. So there I was that day, just waiting my turn to introduce myself to the doctor. And then he emerged from his room and the world stopped for a moment. 

It was as if the corridor went dark and a spotlight shone on him and I could hear baby angels singing and plucking on harp strings. With a pounding heart, I walked up to him and passed my name card. And then I nearly fainted. He gave this million dollar smile (and this was after a long work day) and when he spoke, my knees almost buckled. Perfect English! With a slight accent (yet to determine country of origin) to boot. He was also soooo friendly and accommodating and he shook my hand to thank me (no, thank you!) for waiting for him at the end of the day. 

I immediately texted my team mates. 

Yeah, forgot to mention that he’s tall too. I die. My manager thinks I will see this doctor more often than I’m needed to. I think he’s right lol. 



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