Miss Saigon. 

I’m back. Have been back for a couple of days but all I’ve wanted to do is to sleep because I barely slept over there. Thank goodness the hotel was really comfortable so that was a definite plus. 

But the heat ohmygod. It whacks you in the face like a furnace. I’m not shitting you. Even with my shades on I was squinting from the glare. Am sure I have a few more creases after this trip. And because it was a company incentive trip, they kept bringing us to buffet after buffet so I’m quite sure I gained some weight. The best thing was, with every dinner, there was unlimited supply of alcohol, so there definitely was some major happy vibes going on. 

I shan’t bore you with the details because honestly I didn’t do much exploring lol. So here are some pictures instead. 

Pho on arrival. This has to be the best I’ve  ever eaten. 

Our team’s colour-coordinated outfits day 1 and 2. Then on day 3, we went for a city tour. 

It’s like being on the streets of Paris yet not quite. 

Asia’s Next Top Model lol. 

Walking everywhere with my trusty fan. Never leave home without it. 

And can I just say this cyclo ride was probably the scariest 20 minutes I’ve ever lived? These uncles weave through traffic, beat red lights (had motorbikes in my face at one point) and basically don’t give a fuck. I might have squealed with fear a couple of times. And it’s scary because the guide kept reminding us to hold our bags tight and not hold our phones in our hands because of snatch thieves on motorcycles. I only dared to sneak in this quick selfie at a red light. Scary but what an experience. 

I only brought S$150 worth with me on this trip, and I spent half of it (yes, half) buying….. Nuts lol. About 2.5kg worth of cashews and pistachios. The other half I spent on food, drinks and ermmmm laundry bags hahaha. To be honest, HCMC has never been on my must-visit list and I don’t think I’ll ever go back again. I was fairly excited because they are supposedly rich in history but it was a disappointment. 

And to make things worse, many of us came home sick, myself included. Not sure if it was something we ate or the water but many of us had diarrhoea and puked even though we did not hang out together. I couldn’t be more glad to come home. 

Spent my last dollars on these because I did not want to bring any VND home. These were made by the deaf and mute community so I guess I kinda did a good deed. 



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