Torture, more like. 

Today, I’m staying up on purpose because in a couple of hours, I’d have to be up to start getting ready because our flight departs at freaking 0700hrs. We’re going to Ho Chi Minh City. Not exactly my idea of an incentive trip, but I’m being forced to go nonetheless. 

Before you think I’m behaving like a spoiled brat, hear me out. We had three choices, including Phuket and Bali so why the fuck the majority (our dear Malaysian counterparts) chose HCMC is beyond me. And because our company practices double standards (we have to fly based on the three cheapest quotations but some folks in Regional never have to adhere to this fucking rule), I’m flying via budget airlines. Only a select few got to fly via our national carrier based on seniority. Fuck that. I don’t even travel via budget on my personal holidays because I value my life much more. Not that I’m saying all budget carriers are bad but personally I would never go with them unless absolutely necessary. 

And why would I go somewhere which is as hot, if not hotter than where I already am? I am not happy that I’d be out in the sweltering weather. But at least I bought myself a hand-held fan. It is for the good of everyone else around me because you know how grumpy I can get when I’m feeling hot, sticky and probably smelly. 

To rub salt into my already raw wounds, X is on his way to Paris as I type this for two weeks with cool weather. In comparison, I’m going to a former French colony. Blah. I am not happy one bit. I haven’t even left but I can’t wait to come back already. 

I honestly have zero expectations for this trip so I’m actually hoping that I’d be pleasantly surprised. Perhaps if it wasn’t boiling I’d enjoy it much more because that place is rich in history, which I love. 

Doesn’t help that I’d have to spend five days with people I dislike. Good lord I can’t stop bitching. But I can’t help it. This really feels more like a punishment than an incentive trip. Nothing related to this trip has gone right thus far, so you cannot blame me for being whiny and negative. Please, dear god, let the next five days be over in a flash. 

My monochromatic wardrobe to reflect my mood and anticipation. Only brought the blue dresses because our team are coordinating outfits to look nice. 


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