Best man ever. 

Yesterday I was invited to dinner at Chez X. And this man. Can we just give him a prize already? On the menu yesterday was Coq au Vin- a dish I had and loved in Paris and something that I kept writing about when I was helping him with his final paper. And after I tasted it for the first time, I couldn’t stop raving about it. It was something I kept bringing up in our conversations. So he decided to learn to make it and after trying it out a couple of times, I was to be the ultimate judge of this dish. 

Rewind back to 7pm when I was leaving my home and this happened. 

So some fucker threw an egg out of their apartment and of course it had to hit my car. I know my car is filthy (check out the “mascara streaks” on the handles) but really??!!! It didn’t help that it was a scorching day yesterday, so the egg was actually cooked by the time I discovered it. I used wet tissues but it just wouldn’t budge, so I texted X to tell him I’d be late because now I had to detour to the car wash first. But he insisted I leave it (was more embarrassed about having to drive the egg around) and promised to help me clean it later, so I did. 

I went over, dinner was served and the egg was momentarily forgotten. 

Maybe I’m partial to everything this man does but I swear his Coq au Vin is da bomb. It was less salty than the one I had in Paris, but no less tasty. The chicken was so tender it fell off the bone with a prod from my fork. The carrots and mushrooms were soaked with the delicious wine-infused gravy. And the gravy ohmygod, was so heavenly I’d drink it up from the casserole dish if no one was watching. 

I couldn’t stop smiling on the inside (because I’d look like a loony if I kept smiling while eating) because it brought back so many wonderful memories of Paris and was feeling extremely satisfied. And then he brought this out. 

I know the tart loses some appeal visually but I assure you it tastes much better than it looks. This was a fig and apricot tart with pistachio cream (the box of tiramisu were bought by me because I couldn’t possibly show up empty-handed). Even though I’m diabetic and am not supposed to indulge in desserts, I had one and a half slices of the tart haha. Hey, to be fair, I needed carbs and only ate four tiny wedges of baked potatoes. 

This dinner lasted an epic five and a half hours. We had tea and we chatted. I was complaining to him about work recently and he sat and listened and gave me his point of view. We talked about him, we discussed this and a bit of that and all too soon, it was 1am. If only I didn’t have to work today. I thought he’d forget about the egg but he didn’t. He boiled some water, and brought a pail down to help clean my car. 

Have you ever seen a car having a facial? Hahaha. I wasn’t of much help to be honest, and together with his brother, these boys rid my car of the stupid egg once and for all. At that moment, I felt so blessed because what did I do to ever deserve this kindness? Then I remembered how awesome I am, so I accepted this gift haha. 

I guess he saw from my face the joy while eating his tart (and I’m not even usually big on desserts), and he packed some for me to bring home. Dude, you sure are scoring some serious points here!

I went home and we chatted and then I felt so guilty. I mean, I’m the girl who nearly set the Paris apartment on fire trying to microwave some samosas, so obviously the kitchen is not the place for me. But I didn’t realise he spent seven, yes seven freaking hours slaving over the stove watching his Coq au Vin, making sure it was cooked to perfection. I don’t even think my mother stood at the stove for that long a time at any one time. But it truly warmed the cockles of my heart. And my mother may not have used seven hours, but I now appreciate more her cooking in our boiling weather. 

Oh X, just because I kept saying how much I want to eat Coq au Vin again. Soooooo….. Does that mean you will give me whatever I ask for…? I need to bring this man home already. Alternatively, he can bring me home too. 😏😏😏


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