Because I’m happy.

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but I’ve been soooo happy lately. And I’m a little hesitant to write this post because I know not everyone will be on my side after finding out why I’ve been in such high spirits. Also, I’m afraid that I’ll jinx it. 

I derive my happiness mainly from a few things:

1. Shopping. 

I know I should really watch my spending especially when I already have soooo many items of clothing, but I can’t help it when I see such beautiful things. But yeah, I think I went overboard this past month. Hoping I’ll have a little more self-control this month. 

2. Alcohol. 

These days it’s not so much of the partying and getting sloshed, but more of the company that matters. My friends all have their own busy lives and we don’t get to meet that often. But when we do, we all tend to get out of control. And that’s what been bugging me. I hardly ever refuse alcohol even when I’m very buzzed (except to shots, that I’m averse to) and I end up drinking much more than I should. And I’ve been noticing this thing recently. After I returned from JB last week, almost all four of my limbs AND my face tingled with numbness the whole day and night. It most likely is a neuropathy thingy seeing as I’m diabetic but who knows, it could jolly well be a stroke thingy too because of diabetes. I’m really not sure how I can consciously drink less, but for my own health, I’d better put in more effort. 

3. Work. 

I used to be so happy and motivated going to work. I used a past tense because I’m not feeling it anymore. Not sure if it’s because of my impossible and ever increasing targets or the internal politics I have to deal with. Anyhow, I should strike work off my happy list because I’m not so happy anymore. Well at least I get to go on a free trip in a few weeks time. But Work, you’re 👌🏻 close to being kicked out. 

4. X. 

I put this right to the end because I didn’t want to seem over eager (though I obviously am). I have to say that he contributes the most to my recent positive mood. Other than being in contact (ummm still of the non-physical kind) almost every day, he makes me laugh so hard. Not sure if he’s really funny or I’m just tickled by everything that he says. But he entertains my madness and even matches mine and that makes my heart swell so much. We’re also meeting almost every week, sometimes just for dinner before he goes for classes but that alone cheers me up. And that big big smile that he gives when we meet… Oh be still my beating heart. His stand is still the same (about wanting to remain single forever) but I’m on a similar stand (I’m ok being single too, anything else is just a bonus) too. It’s just that my friends and family are urging me to just forget about him so I’m torn. However, my take on that still remains- it’s not as if I have other men pursuing me, so I’ll just leave this to Providence. 


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