The Hangover. 

I am so laggy on the writing front and I do apologise if anyone missed me *snorts*. I mean, my life hasn’t always been filled with adventure and excitement but I really feel a lull in recent times. I think my work has tired me out dramatically. 

So I promised to update on the past weekend celebrating K’s birthday in advance, so here goes. 

J kindly made his way around our estate (we all live in the same “town” but each “town” is tiny, hence the “s) early in the morning and off we went. We were stuck at the borders for almost three hours in total and arrived in Johor Bahru (JB) ravenous. 

This was lunch and it cost us just RM100ish for five people (that’s like S$6/person or so). I know Malaysians get annoyed when Singaporeans make comments like “everything is so cheap because of the exchange rate!” and stuff like that, but I assure you (on my part at least) that I’m not trying to be pompous or obnoxious. It was really an eye opener to see how much my dollar was being maximised because I usually am on the receiving end when I shop online and they charge me in Euros, GBP or USD. 

Our rooms weren’t ready so we drove back out for an hour long foot massage (very very affordable!) and then to the mall for a second meal and some grocery shopping. All we bought were beer and snacks because we were only staying for a night. 

The boys with said afternoon “tea”. We then returned to the hotel to check in and took a nap and some rest because of our early start. Converged in K’s (we each got our individual room because I didn’t want to share a room with two boys and really, it wasn’t expensive at all) room in the early evening for our warmup session. 

Then we went out for a local dinner (which had the best lala (some sort of shell fish) soup EVER). I’m still dreaming about it. 

Yep. Not the best picture I know and there’s barely any food left but we were hungry. Then, we proceeded to our main event- karaoke. Because of the exchange rate, we really got a bang for our buck (sorry I can’t stop raving about it) and paid a fraction of what we would have gotten here. I won’t go into details but this was what happened at the end of the night. 

Sorry K for this unglamorous picture hahahaha but hey, none of us looked fabulous that night. I have zero makeup on, in my specs and am merely in a tee shirt and jeans (and you know how much I dislike wearing pants. As in trousers, not underwear pants.)

The main surprise was waiting for us after we reached our floor back at the hotel. E (the one on the extreme left) suddenly hurled after the elevator doors open. As in puke exploded from the corners of his mouth and later everywhere on the carpeted lobby. Oh lord, we’re so sorry for the mess. Seriously I’ve never encountered puke being so projectile. 

After putting both drunkards to bed (thank goodness I had the foresight to get my own room or I’ll be stuck with them), J, his girlfriend and I attempted to finish the remaining beers and chatted about life till 5am (or maybe it was 6 I don’t remember lol). 

Slept for a while, checked out and went for a brunch before heading home. Was so grateful that there wasn’t a jam coming home. 

Even though I’ve known these boys for 17-19 years (omg!), this is actually the first time we’ve ever left the country together. We joked that this would be a trial run and from the looks of it, we’re good to go. Till the next one boys. 


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