Common ramblings. 

Oh hello. I’m just a little lazy to write, but more importantly, nothing exciting has been happening recently. I’m about as boring as any senior citizen in a nursing home, and maybe their lives are even more exciting than mine. 

Hello from my new phone though. I have finally moved to the dark side. After years and years of using android phones, I finally decided to make a switch. 

Work wise, it has been terrible. Issue after issue that really makes my blood boil so I shall not repeat it here. At the start of every week, I keep asking “is it Friday yet?”. I really hope it’s just a phase because I do want to love my job more. 

On the personal front though, it has been great, especially with X. We’re now in a “hot” period, and we’re communicating almost every day and meeting up with increased frequency just like the older days. Some of my friends, sisters and cousins are fairly enraged by this ding dong-ing. They think he’s just wasting my time, but no one is actually listening that I know what I’m in for. He never asked me to wait for him, in fact on the contrary, he tells me not to wait but I guess I’m just stubborn and want what I cannot have. Leave me be please, because I’m happy being like that. 

In a month, I’ll be going to Ho Chi Minh for part work, part incentive trip and I’m dreading it. Temperatures are gonna be scorching, it’s gonna be rainy and humid too. And I’ll have to mingle with my neighbouring counterparts, which I abhor. I’d rather be in Paris than in a former French colony. And what’s worse is that X will be in Paris in the same period. Jealous I am. 

This coming week is looking to be a bit blah, but I’ll be hopping over to my “neighbour” this weekend to celebrate K’s birthday, so maybe I’ll have stories to share then. 



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