True colours.

Our sales closing happens every month, a practice I’m not particularly excited about because it’s really a neverending cycle of chasing numbers. I would much prefer a quarterly closing, but unfortunately, the company is not run by me and I have zero say.

So what happens each month is me trying to achieve my targets. If I hit it, I get money, if not, I don’t. It’s really that simple.

Then, my manager has to be away this week for some training, so he tasked me to chase our team for this month’s closing. As it is, I’m not the most brilliant person when it comes to calculations, and it’s totally not in my blood to pressure people. And this mission has to fall on my shoulders.

So early this morning from 0845hrs, I started to text my team mates (our accounts close at 1100hrs), first to apologise for texting slightly before official work hours, next to remind them which accounts we are expecting sopleasecallyourcustomersagain. I did not close at 100% for all products myself, but I’m not greedy, therefore I was in a really chill mood. Until I received a copy of my manager’s sales report. His commission is dependent on our performance as a team and he was not hitting for a single product. I jumped up and was hit with a wave of adrenaline.

At 1050hrs, I realised he was 2% away from getting some money so I asked if any of my colleagues could help with just 35 boxes. Was met with silence. As the minutes ticked by with still no reply, I desperately called one clinic and texted another begging for some sales. I usually don’t ask for sales because I don’t want to come across as pushy and it is just not my style of working. Moreover, I’d already hit for this product. But my poor manager, M!

At one minute past 11, I got connected to the distributor and breathlessly asked if I was still in time to put in one final order. This customer service agent is usually grouchy and she’s my least favourite. But I must have sounded really comical, because in the three and a half years I’ve been in this industry, it was the first time I heard her laugh. And joke with me. Must have been my lucky day or something, and I guess there really is a first time for everything.

Unfortunately, our team did not hit for our star product, but at least M gets some extra money for this month, and our team’s performance won’t be all in the red. I was so stressed out from this episode that I told him never to do this to me again.

I don’t mean to be overly bitchy, but other than one of my team mates who was camping for two hours to wait for a chance to beg the purchaser, I felt that my other colleagues were way too nonchalant. I was privy to their sales report today, and they were all way below the mark. Perhaps that’s why they all they had that fuck care attitude because they wouldn’t be getting a cent anyway, but where is this team work that they always talk about? All that preaching really.


There’s six of us (including M) in this chat but I was obviously having a monologue (the other person talking is my manager). One didn’t even bother replying in the whole three hours! I was part angry and part irritated, but was mostly disappointed by them. Maybe because I came across as overbearing, or maybe some felt that I shouldn’t be tasked with this because a couple of them are more senior than me. However, I feel that this seniority hierarchy is a load of bullshit because where were you when you were needed to step up?

It was an experience (M said it will be a good experience for leading my own team in future), but not one I would like to repeat any time soon, thankyouverymuch.



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