My 15th year “anniversary”.

Hear ye, hear ye and gather round! I received my “report card” for my annual full body assessment and I’m bloody pleased to announce that I won’t be dying so soon (sorry to disappoint you, haters).

Last July, I posted my then results here, and I was elated to know that whatever else that is supposed to be working, was doing fine. Except for my HbA1c which was still stubbornly stuck at 8.0% (hovers up and down slightly). The other day, when my doctor received my results from the lab, he called me and happily announced that it’s now at 7.6% (lowest in the one year-ish that I’ve been seeing him). I swear he sounded more excited than me. Perhaps he’s just relieved. I always joke with him that all doctors must have a rogue patient or two who smears his good records, and I’m his.

So now that I have kinda proven to him that I can manage my blood glucose levels, he’s finally going to stop talking about the pump and badgering me to consider it.

It is hard work. I have to constantly be aware of what goes into my mouth, trying to eyeball how much carbs I’m taking each meal, then deciding how much insulin to give myself. It’s really a game of trial and error. And you know I suck at mathematics. Then there’s the matter of over or under correction, the former leading to hypos. And don’t even get me started on the cost. Those frigging test strips that I’m supposed to use approximately six times a day, those little plastic motherfuckers are expensive! When the diabetic society has a sale and I buy in bulk, they still cost me about S$0.80 per piece. That’s S$4.80 a day. You do the maths and tell me how much they cost me each year.

One thing I’m grateful for is working in the pharma industry where our insurance coverage tends to be better than other industries. I would like to thank my company for paying for my visits to a Specialist in a private hospital, and my medication (which will also burn a hugeee hole in my pocket if I had to pay my own way).

I would also like to thank my organs for putting up with my shit. It ain’t easy being so good in a wretched 15 year-long (and counting) battle. Thank you for your great performance over the years and please keep up the good job. Special shout out to my liver. I think I put you through the worst, but still you not only function well, but you allow me to carry on with my guzzling and drunken debauchery. High five, liver!

I love you, my internal organs!



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