The importance of being. Part two.

I last left off at how I nearly got framed by two scheming bitches and how I thought a lesson was dealt and all would be good again. One of them did back away having a first hand taste of my prowess. The other, let’s just say that she deserves every single bit of what I was going to serve her.

Most of our classmates were not privy to our dramatic showdown as it was mainly contained within the affected parties. So imagine my shock when a friend came up to me during lab lessons one day and told me that this snitch was spreading lies about me. I promptly marched up to where she was seated and confronted her. Immediately, she played the role of the victim, put her head on the table and started wailing. Of course a crowd gathered. Who would miss a fight?

I didn’t have the intention of revealing what actually happened, but I couldn’t sit around in silence anymore. I retold this juicy story. Announced it to the entire class. Then, our class monitor stepped in and asked her why she was spreading lies to smear my good name. Cry she did, but I demanded an answer too. She refused to even look up in my direction, being the coward she was.

Because I was so riled up, and I wanted to hear an apology from the horse’s mouth, I kicked the stool she was sitting on. I never expected her to be so light. Or perhaps, I was unaware of pent up anger in me. She actually flew. You should have seen the look of fear on her face, but she actually held onto the table. I personally would have preferred to see her fly off the stool, crash into a wall, then out of the window.

She whimpered more and whispered to the monitor that she was afraid of me. Should have thought thoroughly about it before crossing me eh. The righteous monitor cajoled her into giving me a rightful apology, which did not come because the teacher walked in then.

By now, you would think she would be so apologetic that she would come crawling to me, begging me to forgive her. I waited and waited, but it never came. It’s ok, fate was on my side. We had physical education classes right after lab. And lo and behold, we were going to play soccer. Not that I enjoy kicking a ball around under the hot sun, but being sporty was never my intention that day (or any other day for that matter).

Luck was definitely on my side that day. We were on the same team. The other people in our group must have sensed the tension because for some reason, I kept getting the ball. And I used every opportunity well. Right before lessons ended, I managed to hit my target so well, the ball smacked right into her middle with a whump that she doubled over and crumpled to the ground in tears. I walked up to her and threatened told her that if she dared to try anything funny again, she would be dead.

Of course she didn’t even dare to tell any one that she was in pain or complain about me because she finally realised her folly. And for your information, she was a school prefect. Precisely because of the lack of standards in the supposedly upright student body group was why I resigned from my position very early on. If people with no ethics or morals are trusted to uphold the peace and orderliness of the school, then I want no part of it.

I know I sound like a bully with my aggressive ways and approach, but like I said in the previous post, I have no qualms about standing and speaking up for myself, especially when I am innocent. If you allow people to trample over you when they are the ones who did wrong, then you asked for it. My peers think that I’m a wall flower, choosing to close an eye sometimes at work, but I believe more in selecting my battles because sometimes, there’s really no point in getting my panties in a bunch for a trivial manner. Just don’t cross the line because I will not hesitate to claw off your face if the need arises.


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