Much ado about nothing.

There have been way too many unhappy incidents at work recently, and I feel that each time I narrate it to someone, I’m filled with so much anger and negativity that I’m pooped out afterwards. I’m in dire need of a joyful boost. You know my happiness comes from being able to buy lovely clothes and other things, but I need to also curb my shopaholic ways. So yah, almost nothing cheers me up these days.

I was watching this program about people seeking help to look into their past lives earlier, and while I’m still not entirely convinced, these people seem to bring a certain characteristic into their present lives. Like how this lady used to always put others before herself, and she’s still the same this life.

It got me thinking. And I concluded to my sister that I could have been a loony in my past life. I mean, look at me. And all the silly things I’ve said/ done since I was a child. It must have come from somewhere, especially because my family gives me strange looks sometimes, and even my manager calls me weird, mad and annoying almost all of the time.

Maybe I need a break. I’m pleased to announce that my application for four days of leave for end April has been approved. People who know about it want to know which exciting place I’m going to. I’m semi-ashamed to say all that I’m going to is….. Genting Highlands. In Malaysia. My neighbouring country.

My parents go there very frequently, mainly to the casinos (which I have zero interest in). But dad won’t be able to go this time, and mum lamented that she won’t go if she has no company, so my older sister and I are going to be her chaperones. It has been about 22 years since I’ve last been there, so I’m mildly excited. I’m more excited that temperatures there will be much lower than this heat hole I’m currently trapped in, and that I can just zone out and chillax without work hustling me. Bummer that I’ll still be receiving work calls (they never leave me alone) though.

However, due to work issues, I’ve promised my manager that I’ll put in extra effort for him because his job may be on the line. So I guess I’ll just have to suck it up. Big announcement at work tomorrow that may bring about some tears (fortunately not mine), but our team will be down in the dumps for sure, so I’ll better brace myself for it.



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