Hot and cold.

Ola! Have been a bit lazy to write recently, but the bigger part is because nothing of particular interest has happened in my life lately hahaha.

Today is day four of me being sick. Even though I have a chronic illness, I’m quite proud to say I hardly fall sick. Famous last words.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a fever that lasted this many days. Even got screened for dengue fever because not only did my fever get worse, it came hand in hand with a pounding headache, abdominal pains (could be likely from constipation, too much info I know), nausea and vomiting.

The good that came out of this is that I only worked one day this week. The bad, obviously, is being so sick I would rather be out working. Hard to please eh. Oh, and in my neverending saga with X, he has been extremely communicative these days, even by my standards. As usual, all my resolve dissolves (rhyme queen alert!) into a puddle like the spineless person that I am.

And I’ve noticed this slight change in him. He seems to have loosened up much more these days, and I’m liking every bit of it. Maybe I shouldn’t.

Back to my fevers. We’ve been experiencing extremely warm and muggy weather here in Singapore these couple of months and it’s really frustrating for me to shiver and wrap myself like a burrito one moment, and wake up perspiring so much you’d think I just ran a marathon the next. I’ve alternated between scrambling to put on my clothes after a hot shower to combat the cold, to taking three cold showers in a span of a day. What the fuck right?

I really really really hate our humid weather with a vengeance. I’m extremely envious and jealous of people living in countries with four seasons. You see the landscape changing, and you get to keep changing your wardrobe. Here? It’s either hot and humid, or rainy and sometimes we even get a combination of all three. Sheesh.

Sure we can attempt to dress for various seasons, but you’ll probably end up irritated, hot, sweaty and sometimes smelly. Yup, totally sexy. My fever has broken for now, and I’m currently perspiring even though I just stepped out of the shower. Please fever, just go and don’t come back. I’ve taken so many pills today that they amount to more than what I’ve eaten the whole day.


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