Happy birthday, brother.

My brother just turned 19. Wow. He was just a baby a while back, now he’s on the cusp of adulthood. I remember when mum first broke the news to us about her being pregnant as clear as day, as if it was just yesterday. I was 12 and totally disgusted because we started having sex education in school and the thought of my parents at it was just gross. Deep down in my heart I knew it was normal because otherwise, where did I come from. But to my tween mind, it was just unacceptable.

We didn’t even want him. Luckily for us (and him especially), the family doctor whom mum saw to get an appointment for abortion was against it and guilt mum into keeping him hahaha.

When he was eventually born, I was soooo happy, because I loved babies (wonder how I have a 180° mindset about them now) and had a new “toy” to play with. Other than breastfeeding him, I took care of his every need, and even allowed him to puke into my mouth (don’t ask).

Poof! Suddenly he’s all grown up. I’m strict with him because I’m afraid he’ll turn out to be a spoiled brat seeing that he’s the youngest and the only boy. I may be a little harsh on him at times and as a result, he’s the least closest to me. Boy, did you forget how much I loved you when you were a baby? I fed you, changed your nappies after you peed and pooped, played with you, put you to sleep, sang songs and the works…

But it’s ok I guess. I did it all willingly and never expected you to return any of the love I showered on you. I don’t say it out loud (guess it’s still an Asian thing lol), but I’m proud of you. You proved to be much more matured than any of us gave you credit for. I’m really glad you possess the fundamental values that we tried to instill in you.

And based on that alone, I think you’ll do fine. I’m also glad you have such a smashing sense of humour- the girls love a humorous man. Also, I thank the lucky stars you are tall. A man can be anything, but once you are a shorty… I’m sorry but you lose many points. (I apologise to all the un-tall men out there, it’s just a personal preference of mine hahaha)

So, happy birthday brother. I will always have your back, whether I show or vocalise it or not. If anyone wants a piece of you, they’ll have to get through me first.




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