This too, shall pass.

I’m so glad CNY came and went in a flash. Even more glad that I only had to partake in one day’s worth of festivities. As promised in my last post, I present to you my outfit.


As you can see, the best shoes I had to match this outfit was a black pair. All the time spent fussing and this was the best I could come out with, sheesh.

I also would like to thank the high heavens for sparing me with the “Where’s Your Boyfriend?” drama this year. I think maybe they are tired or have given up all hope on me. All the better for me.

The closest thing that happened relating to the above topic was this.


So my cousin from the maternal side of my family, whom I only meet twice a year tops, proposed to his girlfriend. And after, they joked about recycling the boards for the next person. And he actually said to pass it to me because we’re of the same age. Excuse me. Whoever said one must be married just because you are going to? And pardon me, but those boards are so badly done (actually the whole proposal was too) that I would smash it in an instant if not for the fact that I had to be on my best behaviour (he’s my grandma’s favourite grandson).

But other than that blip, my day proceeded drama-less. Thank the lord.

So, it’s technically already Valentine’s Day where I live, or I prefer to call it Singles Awareness Day. High five! Chest bump! As usual, it’s just another day for me where I plan to sleep in and watch TV and mull about the coming work week. I bet my left tit that social media will explode with post after post of flowers giving, lovey dovey declarations of love and the works. Perfect, just perfect. After all, don’t we all just look forward to how sweet your boy/girlfriends are?

I went out for another crazy late night (where I had to work the next day) karaoke session with M the other day, and at the end, he asked me about X. This April, I would have “waited” for four years. M said I don’t have many four years (thanks) hanging around someone who obviously will not reciprocate. I said I know. You know that I know perfectly well that I know nothing is going to come out of this, but there things that people don’t understand (because I don’t share) why it’s so difficult to let him go. I’m leaving him behind slowly my way, but it has to be on my terms, not anyone else’s.

So please, stop calling him names and putting him down because only I know how much he has done for me. And, I was actually doing a good job about not talking or thinking about him, but you had to bring him up. Thank you.

My heart just winced as if someone squeezed lemon juice on it.


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