50 pairs of dilemma.

As much as I’m loathing Chinese New Year more and more as I grow older, I’m all ready for it. Well, almost.

My nails have been done, I changed my hair colour to a darker shade because I worried about the previous colour making me look washed out (only to have people telling me they liked the other colour better. Grrrr.), and I got my outfit settled. Getting the outfit was a whole adventure in itself. This local brand produces very limited pieces of each design. Even though I camped online and refreshed the page from five minutes before launch, and managed to add the item to cart, it was sold out when I proceeded to make payment. The owner later told me her first sale came in at 22 seconds after launch. Some women are just plain crazy.

But through some pure stroke of luck, she was participating in a flea event and I happened to spy that outfit on her rail of clothes on her Instagram page. The stars must have been aligned for me or something. It was a sample set to showcase the workmanship and stuff. And it was in my size!! And she was 15 minutes from where I was that day. I never walked so fast in my life. And after trying it on, I was close to tears, everything was perfect. During the launch, the largest size she had was actually one size down from what I usually wear and I was thinking I would have to lose a few pounds if I managed to get my hands on them then. But everything worked out perfectly in the end.

Well not quite. I realised that I have no shoes to match. I own more than 50 pairs (I stopped counting when I reached that number) but I cannot find one pair to match my outfit?! Jesus.

It’s a traditional-ish sort of outfit with loud colours so I have to wear fairly muted shoes to avoid looking like the circus. Which I do not own. Sheesh. You’ll find out after Monday if I make or break that outfit.

And here’s a look at past years traditional-ish outfits:


This was CNY two years ago. Even though I’ve put on weight since, I still fit the dress, though it appears much shorter than here, and it feels more snug than I remember around the boobies.


I got my period last year and my face clearly spelled it out. But I love that dress! It has prints of old school local ice cream. Look at how much thicker my calves got after a year. I’m a tad afraid for this year… :/


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