The good, the bad and the murderous intent.

Hello! Just recovered after a week of meeting after boring meeting in Penang. It was so torturous, staying at a beach resort without having time to actually relax.

Not that we want to be elitist or shit, but I can safely say most of us Singaporeans were mighty pissed off by our neighbouring counterparts. Of course, assholes can be found everywhere in the world, but wow, they do have one too many.

And their English. I probably only met a handful who can speak proper. The rest of them….. They tend to want to add the letter S to everything wrong. “Can I confirms with you”, “Is thats what’s you mean”, and their grammar just gives you a jarring headache. And because we Singaporeans were the minority, they had the tendency to overlook us and disregarded any opinion of ours. Even our prizes (like vouchers) were distributed in their currency. Which means we have to spend money to cross the border just to use them. Preposterous or what!

I’m sure they also have an inferiority complex. They think we look down on them (which is very true because of valid reasons), therefore any chance their middle management had to nit pick on us, they did. Like when we had to do an accreditation role play with their doctor, they said we Singaporeans had to have two assessors, and our score would be averaged.

First off, we already launched this product since last April, so by right, we wouldn’t even need to go through this stupid role play session. Second, when we launched in Singapore, we had been accredited by our own local doctors, so why do we need to be judged by theirs? Third, their reps are so incompetent in terms of communication and product knowledge (none of them passed the product quiz), so they should be more suited to have dual assessors excuse me.

The only fun times we had was during our gala dinner, and when we were gathered in my room drinking. I’m not shitting you. I could give you anecdotal stories, but my life might be shortened after I recollect and tell you all that happened.

This fiasco also made me realise how much I truly love my team. Of course I don’t love every single individual, but the majority I do, so that’s good enough.

I can’t believe we have to see those fucked up people from across the border in another six months when we go for our incentive trip to Ho Chi Minh.


This is us from the Hospital Team. Being the minority, we were all split to sit in different tables. The theme for this year is One Team, One Dream (yeah right haha), so that explains why we are all dressed differently.


We have so much fun when we’re left on our own.


We are team black and white. More like team confused if you ask me. We were supposed to be Men In Black, then Michael Jackson. But in the end, we danced to Bruno Mars. Yup, I’m as perplexed. As usual, no opinions of ours were seeked. They decided, we just have to follow. The only consolation was winning second prize for our performance.


That’s my beloved manager with all his girls and a boy. We didn’t win Best Team, but in my heart, we are all winners anyway.



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