Because I said so.

Happy not-so-New Year! I cannot believe my leave ended and I’m back to work too soon. Not fair. I wait and slog work all year to enjoy a little break for slightly over two weeks and it’s already over?!

This year is proving to be quite a challenge already. And I only just passed the three-day mark. Rumours have been swirling around like vultures attracted to carcasses that our targets this year are likely to triple. Yes, you read right. An increase of not one, not two but THREE times. Ahhhh, my bosses must think I can perform miracles or something. Or maybe they think I should flash my boobies to all my customers at work. Not so much to turn them on, but more of having them to buy my drugs to make me put my top down because of sheer terror and horror.

I get to keep my territories this year (on condition that I achieve my ridiculously insane numbers). My boss really deserves a beating. When I wasn’t bringing in the expected sales, he told my manager that my numbers are huge therefore one person cannot handle it. Well, I proved him wrong and outperformed, hoping to make him change his mind, but guess what. He still wanted to give half my territory to another person on the same basis. No way Jose. I worked sooo hard and he wants to let someone else reap the fruits of my labour??

My manager fought for me. But on that impossible condition that I bring in three times what I did last year by end of June. If this is not what crazy looks like, I’m not sure what crazy is.

Though I secretly curse and swear in my heart at him all the time, I’m still going to give a good fight. The chances of me hitting those targets are very slim, but I would like to be able to pat myself at the end of the day and say, “well done, Sab”, before I give up.

I know I sometimes whine and complain this much, but I also enjoy a challenge, especially when the end point gives me satisfaction to no end (and watching my enemies squirm in the process).

2015 was quite kind to me, but 2016 will be better. Because I said so.



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