Tokyo so far.

So I’m finally in Tokyo for my long-awaited holiday then guess what. I fell sick. It started on the plane ride here, and it just got progressively worse. Perhaps the cold weather has a part to be responsible for too. Had to “play” charades with the pharmacist yesterday to try to buy the right medication so that I wouldn’t be taking misdiagnosed drugs for herpes or something. (No, I do not have herpes in case you were wondering.)

Yesterday night was terrible. I had a fever and couldn’t even make it out to dinner and was lying in bed at 8pm Tokyo time. I never in my life have gone to bed so early. Except maybe when I was an infant.

We went to the premium outlets today and I must say shopping perked me up quite a bit. Even though it’s not dirt cheap, I still got myself a couple of damn good buys.

I’m hoping that the shopping and being at Disneyland/sea itself over the next two days will cure me immediately. No rest for the wicked!

I’ve always been fascinated by the Japanese. How everyone is so polite, the streets are so clean, how they are so thoughtful that every toilet bowl has an ass warmer, and how weird things can get. Like hello, they have vending machines selling used female underwear. Have not come across those yet but I saw something bizarre earlier.


Booby-shaped jellies! I wonder who buys things like this. Or if men actually eat them like how they “eat” real boobies? Ewwww ok terrible mental image.


Oh how badly I wanted to buy this! Not that I can actually wear this out, but they have tons of useless stuff that one never needs but wants. And you can be a pudding or an onigiri too.

Let me see how much money I have left before I go buy this chicken head gear hehe. Because I’ve spent more than half of what I brought and I’m just into day three. Yikes.


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