In five…

This week marks my last working week for the year. Yeah you read right bitches! Who cares if this week is going to be super hectic precisely because I’m going on a loonnngggg break? Who cares if I’m majorly sleep-deprived? Who cares that my under eyes are turning so many shades of dark that I’m one charcoal-hued colour away from being besties with the pandas? NOT MEEEE!

Going to Tokyo for ten days starting this Saturday and after I return, I’m just going to shake my legs all through the new year.

I used to be envious when my colleagues took breaks in between but now it’s their turn to be jealous. Technically, no one works much in December, especially the last week, but at least I can officially sleep in and answer calls sounding half-awake because I’m on leave. And no surprise joint calls with my manager.

I should start packing. Off to a winter wonderland where I don’t mind even if I freeze my tits off. Beats sweltering weather any time. Five more sleeps bitches!! Yee-hah!



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