I love being 31.

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t talk about my birthday…. FAT CHANCE! I’m definitely talking about it! Even though it’s past midnight here and officially December, in my mind it’s still November because I haven’t gone to bed yet.

If you remembered last year, it was a fairly awful year with me being retrenched and all. Therefore I had no expectations, especially because 31 is such an insignificant number (except for being on the point of no return).

Due to everyone’s work schedules, I had dinner with my family almost a week in advance, and I basically did not stop eating till two days ago.


Yo Yeos!

The weekend before, my sister, a few friends and I went for high tea at Shangri-La. Not that we want to act classy or anything (it’s more because it’s a buffet-style concept hahaha). I thought it was just a casual meet-up, but they surprised me with a birthday treat. So much love. This is #teamtokyo by the way. We’re going to Tokyo together in less than two weeks!



I look so lumpy lol. Next time please take a picture from the other side.

Then on Monday, guess what jengjengjeng! I met up with X for a late lunch and we toured the museum next door for two hours before he had to go back to school for classes. I’m glad to report (much to the dismay of my friends) that we’re back to normal. No more awkwardness. We did take a picture, but I look really haggard like I haven’t slept in weeks, so nope. I’m happy and sad about us all at the same time. But! Moving on….

We had another dinner that night with my family and my dad wanted to give me a surprise by buying me a cake though I said I didn’t need one. Well, the game was up the moment he walked into the restaurant because no way he could hide a big box under his shirt. And he snuck a red packet under my door at midnight. So sweet.


I forgot to take a picture using my hands to show my age. My memory is failing me.

My siblings also barged through the door wishing me a happy birthday, and I was indeed very happy. Not that I want to be a show-off (not really) but I silenced my phone because I took leave and did not want to be disturbed and I knew there would be an influx of messages.

I was not disappointed. Birthday wishes were pouring through texts and all forms of social media and I spent a good part of the day just replying. Then, a couple of my friends insisted we meet that night for drinks, and them two sweet souls surprised me with another cake.


Not an ounce of makeup because I thought we're just popping into the neighborhood bar to chill.

These two are my ex-colleagues but I’m so glad we transcended that and became friends. Then on Friday, I met another two ex-colleagues (also turned friends) for lunch, coffee, and a movie. Where they again surprised me with a birthday tart. Either I’m easily surprised or I’m naive. And oh, isn’t it ironic how much sweet stuff I ate considering my condition? Hahaha.


That is a horrible picture but I posted it because of my lovely friends. I mean, is that a bad angle or what? Look at those arms! I’m like freaking King Kong’s long-lost sister or something. To assure you I look slightly better in real life, please refer to the following picture.


Still fatty but not as horrifying.

Then on Saturday (never had a week so packed in eons), I went for a pantomime with my sisters and cousin. Again, this was a present from my extremely generous older sister. I’m such a lucky girl even though I annoy the shit out of her all the time. Guess you can say I’m charming lol.


The finale of Wild Rice's The Emperor's New Clothes.

After that, I rushed off to meet the boys. As usual, they were being evil and trying to slay me. But all was good. No one got pukey drunk and we even managed to make it to supper and reached home at 5am. Not bad for a bunch of expired party folks.


16 years and counting.

I love them boys. And each and every friend I mentioned above. And my family of course. Not forgetting those who wasted two minutes of their lives sending me wishes.

It was such a tiring week but I would do it again because it reminds me how blessed I am to have so many people who love and care about me.

And I thought turning 31 would be insignificant. I obviously thought wrong.


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