Place your bets.

19 days to my holiday! I’ll be going to Tokyo for the third time, this time with my sister and three other friends. I’ve done most of the places they want to go, so I’ll just be tagging along. What gets me most excited is the cold weather and spending two days in Disneyland/sea.

I know I’m turning 31, but a part of me simply refuses to grow up. I still squeal with delight when something cute catches my eye, and I’m semi-ashamed to say that I’m still into stuffed toys. I also notice the looks on other people’s faces when I get excited about some cute stuff. So judgey, them. Not like it’s stopping me anyway, but who says a mature woman must grow out of liking adorable stuff huh?

Also, is it just me, or do you buy new things before going overseas? I have this tendency to buy new clothes and shoes to bring over even though I should be buying new stuff at my travel destination instead. And even though I own a couple of winter things, I find myself wanting to buy new ones! It’s so stupid because I’m spending money that I should be using while I’m on holiday instead.

After Paris last year, I keep reminding myself that I should bring less clothings. Because Paris is the fashion capital of the world, I brought too much thinking that I want to look like I’ve stepped out of a magazine spread everyday. Well, the truth couldn’t be further. X nagged me everyday that I should be fully covered and I should dress to blend into the crowd, not stand out of. Also, as it was quite cold, I realised nobody could see what I was wearing beneath my jacket.

I have not starting packing for Tokyo, but I keep telling myself I’m one, only going for ten days so I really don’t need so many pieces, and two, it will be colder so all the more my coat will cover up what I’m wearing inside.

But still, I have this tendency to want to shop for the trip. Like, oh I need new jeans because I only own ripped ones, so they won’t do in the drafty weather, and oh I’ll need proper shoes, I wore ballet flats in Paris and how my feet hurt and froze. Terrible I tell you. I mean, I own more than fifty pairs of shoes right?! There must be at least one pair that are made for walking.

It’s still early-ish days. Let’s hope my constant self-reminders and brainwashing will work. Watch this space to see if I succeed. Or not. :/



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