Dear (work) husband.

Today, I would like to talk about my work spouse. He is my sales manager and there are many reasons why I adore him.

Following my drama when I was retrenched last year from my ex-company, he was the one who made me call him the moment the news became official so that he could arrange for an interview before he left for his holiday. And he kept telling me not to worry. Basically, from the word go, he was helping me and convincing his boss why I should be hired.

When I first joined, I was put in a different team but he kept pushing for me to join his team, and I eventually did. Before I came over, some of my ex-colleagues warned me about being careful with the things I say or do. I did feel intimidated because what, does he turn into a monster or something? However, my fears were unfounded. I have no issues communicating with him and I can be my straightforward self always.

Because I cover the biggest private hospital (read: potential gold mine), he joins me on field very very often. It was a culture shock because at most, I would get two joint calls a month previously. Here, the average is at least once a week. There are weeks (like this week) where he is out with me three out of four working days.

He tells me things in confidence because he trusts me, likewise for me. Even though I sometimes have to pretend-beg for him to please leave me alone and join my other colleagues, I do enjoy the time he’s with me because he’s such a hoot. We basically try to see who can annoy the shit out of each other first.

So recently, he starts calling me his work spouse. I take it as a compliment because out of all his reps, I’ve known him for the shortest time but yet managed to win his trust. Because he’s always seen with me, he often jokes to the clinic staff that we’re having an office romance. He has also suggested to be my pseudo boyfriend so that we can get extra red packets from my relatives during festive occasions.

I’m not that mad to play such high stakes games. There’s also one big reason why I won’t fall for his nonsense.

I’ve never had a work husband because of various circumstances. Like working with an all-female team, not having to work long hours side by side with another man, and generally separating my work and social life.

He’s different. I see him more as a person who rescued me from one of the darkest periods in my life. I’m forever grateful to him and will not do anything to betray his trust. He didn’t have to help me but he did and even went beyond. I also see him as a mentor. He coaches me and reminds me of how to improve my shortcomings because one day, I may be in his position and need to be aware of what I’m lacking in.

I’m not saying our relationship is perfect. There are days when he gets mad at me or when I complain that he’s cramping my style for joining me too often. But most days, we get along like a house on fire. After all, didn’t he say I’m his favourite? I’m sure that’s a half-truth and he has said it to half my team.

So my dearest work husband, I would like to say thank you and I’m eternally grateful here because I’m not that good at verbalising mushy emotions. May our “marriage” be a long and happy one.


At our colleague's wedding last weekend where we pretended it was ours lol.


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