Desperado, why won’t you come to your senses?

Today, let’s talk about desperados. As you know, I’m no longer of spring chicken age, so naturally, most, if not all of my friends/acquaintances are as old if not older. And this is where this recurring issue starts with an alarmingly increased frequency.

Most people (especially women) I know are dying to conform to societal norms, which is to quickly find a partner, marry, have babies in quick succession and they think they’ve found their happily ever after. Not that it’s wrong, I’ve seen people who are genuinely happy with such lives. The problem is, some of these women reek of desperation.

I have a friend who is close to being forty and she has had a string of unlucky men who were mainly after one thing. Which is definitely not marriage or even commitment. I told her, men can smell desperation. Did she listen? Obviously not. Ended up getting hurt and more with multiple shady men she met online. So about half a year back, she met another and she behaves as if she’s going to get proposed to any moment. It could happen but it could also end badly. She also loves posting all her lovey-dovey stuff on social media. Honestly, it is quite gag-inducing. I probably sound like a bitter old prune, but my bottom line is to always protect yourself first.

Ok, so I don’t always practice what I preach (seeing how terrible I am in handling my emotions with X), but I’m not sure what her true agenda is. Perhaps she wants to share her joy, maybe she wants to invoke envy or jealousy from others. I don’t know but I’m this close to unfriending her because it can get a tad annoying when her past 50 posts are ALL related to “her man” (I’m not taking a piss). Woman, whatever happened to your own life?!

Then, just a couple of days back, an acquaintance who is also past her prime posted one of those “mystery” photos of her and her new manfriend holding hands. You should have seen the barrage of comments. People were egging her to reveal him, asking her who he is and the likes. You’d have thought she said she’s dating an alien or maybe Johnny Depp to garner such an interest. So she said something along the lines of “you all will know soon”. Love the secrecy shrouding it, she MUST be dating Johnny.

Of course knowing how these desperados work, we didn’t have to wait long. Barely 24 hours into the first reveal, all was revealed. And more. This woman also immediately starts liking all kinds of bridal-related pages. Gowns, wedding photographers, gowns and more gowns. Wow, I guess subtlety isn’t her forte. Just thinking out loud, won’t this scare the potential mister away more than drawing him towards you? If I dated a guy who dropped such massive hints I would run for my life. How scary is that? We barely got together and you want to shackle me down?!

Maybe that’s just me. Who am I to comment after being out of the scene for eons? Perhaps that’s how people move these days. Think I’ll need to catch up on the know-hows of relationships these days.

But really, this kind of desperation irks me to no end. It even out-ranks people talking to me about their babies. Have some self-respect at the very least. Because I know how karma works in the strangest ways, I’ve already forewarned all my closest and dearest to alert me if I ever show vestiges of Desperado Wannabe.

While we watch and wait to see how karma will punish my unkind thoughts and mouth, I think a round of social media spring-cleaning is in the works. And remember, when you breakup, you’ll have tons more of explaining and cleaning up to do.


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