Celebrating in my own way.

Currently into day two of a four-day weekend. If you haven’t already heard, our country is celebrating her 50th birthday later today and we were blessed with a super long weekend.

Some people bought tickets to go out of the country the minute the news was released. Then there were some really patriotic folks who insisted they stay on home ground to celebrate. There are massive events going on in every neighborhood and corner of our tiny island. Impressive aerial displays from our Air Force, fringe activities for those who prefer not to travel too far from home, fireworks displays going on as if it cost nothing (it’s my fucking money too ok together with the rest of my fellow taxpayers). I have nothing against celebrations and it’s not every year we turn 50, but the rumoured 50-million dollar budget (I think it costs way more) could be put to better use like helping the old folks or for healthcare purposes rather than literally throwing money into thin air.

But that’s just my opinion right, it’s not like I have any say in any way. So how am I spending these work-free days? So far, all I’ve done is to eat, sleep, watch TV, shop online, play some games, eat and sleep somemore.

And I’m loving it! As you know, on weekdays I barely hit five hours per night, so the weekends are for me to recuperate and catch up on some well-needed rest. Haven’t stepped out of the house too and don’t have plans to.

You’ll not catch me anywhere near those maddening crowds. You’ve seen one fireworks display, you’ve kind of seen them all. And we’ve been getting very heavy rains these few days too (don’t think I don’t know they’ve been seeding the clouds so that the parade will be rain-free) which makes it even more perfect to snuggle under the covers and snooze away.

I know people who don’t like to waste time sleeping and say silly things like “you can catch up on sleep when you’re dead” (which in my opinion is a really daft comment), but hey, to each his own. You go join the hustle and bustle and leave me to do my own thing. Now, I’m going on YouTube to watch Grandpas Over Flowers (China version) to reminisce my days in Paris and snigger at how their obnoxious yet country bumpkin behaviour is entertaining yet annoying all at the same time. Yes, there is such a program lol.

I love my sloth-like life. And oh, happy birthday Singapore. Whoopee.


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