Celebrate the little things.

So I got my panties into a bunch for nothing after all. There was no frigging test. Well, if it was their ploy to get us to study, it totally worked. Just spent my entire weekend hibernating because the three full days of training plus the one day of joint call (it lasted till 7pm!) with the Head of Training whacked me out completely.

But! I have happy news to share! No, I did not win the lottery, nor did I shed 10kg and I most certainly do not have any updates with regards to matters of the heart. This piece of news however, can be said to be THE MOST important aspect of my life.

As you all already know, I’ve been diabetic for almost half of my life and there’s so many discouraging things linked to it. Like how no insurer wants to insure me, how diabetes is the mother of all diseases (last I asked, there are about 47 illnesses linked to it which is also why I can’t buy insurance), and how if you are a diabetic, your risk ratio for cardiovascular events, renal and hepatic impairment increases by x-fold. Wow this is depressing.

You also know how my HbA1c fluctuates and I just cannot, for the life of me get it to below 7% (acceptable range) no matter how I try. Last Friday, I went for my medical appointment with much trepidation because I’m paranoid about everything. When I was first diagnosed, the doctor told me I would start getting complications in 10 years if I didn’t take care of myself. I’m into year 14, so the fear is real. Disappointingly, my HbA1c is still stubbornly at 8.0% (but hooray down from 8.3%) and the rest of the results I proudly announce.


Might look like a bunch of mumbo jumbo but the three main things to look at are the kidneys, the total cholesterol and the liver profile. I just recently switched doctors and he was very impressed that my lipids are well-controlled without any help from medication. My blood pressure is also normal which is another thing to be happy about. You should have seen me beaming the moment I stepped out of the clinic till I got home.

Since young, there aren’t many moments that I can say I’m proud of but this is one of them. 14 years on and I’m still hale and hearty. I might not be the most intelligent, the most beautiful and definitely not the most athletic. Wait, scratch that, I’m not athletic, period. But I think I’ve done a pretty good job looking after myself.

Every year I maintain a good profile is a year worth celebrating because honestly, I don’t know how many more good years I’ll have left. Since my liver is looking a-okay, can I celebrate with more alcohol? :p

Actually that’s something I’m looking to reduce but it’s not so easy. How about you each clink and drink a glass of alcohol of your choice instead to help celebrate my life?

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