Insane in the mem-brain.

I should be over studying. I mean, I’m 30, completed my degree (with much brain cells killed) and am a matured, working woman. Instead, I’m still up even though I need to be up in less than six hours, blitzing whatever brain cells I have left.

I understand, I totally do. I work in pharmaceuticals, therefore I have every responsibility to deliver accuracy in whatever information I pass on to my doctors. But come on, the nitty gritty? Why do I need to remember that there were 2477 patients involved in our pooled analysis, of which 560 of them were our target population? Or why is it so important to know, down to the exact decimal point, that the half life of my drug is 12.4 hours? It has also been drilled into the deepest abyss of my brains that the UGE rate is 78grams, or approximately 312kcals per day.

Oh my god. As if trying to remember all my passwords isn’t bad enough. I’m no longer able to burn the midnight oil like the years gone by, and I’m sorry to admit I’m going to give up studying and hope that the test touches on what I’ve been asked at work the past two months. Please. I need to ace this. I want to be top rep.

Lol look at me. As if wishing and going to sleep now will create miracles. But I really cannot absorb anymore, not with the brain-draining day I’ve had at work. Let’s just wing it tomorrow and pray fervently for the best.

I’m surprised I still have any brain matter left.


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