My big fat F.

Guess what? It’s not even the end of May yet but I can jolly well end this pretence now. I have failed on the “no shopping” front. Quite spectacularly too, may I add.

It wasn’t just the bag. After a particularly stressful and angry day at work, I just went fuck it. And fuck it I did. Obviously I don’t handle stress very well huh.

To my own defense (which I totally understand it being a weak one), I didn’t buy or spend as much as I usually would. I didn’t have to cheat and dip into my supposed savings at all. On the contrary, I had leftovers! This shall all be channelled into my savings to make up for my spendthrift ways all these years.

How about I try again in June? Or perhaps aim to spend lesser than what I did in May? This exercise, I have to admit, is terribly painful on my part. You have no idea how much I’ve had to fight with myself and how difficult it is to walk away or not walk into any shops. I think I now understand people with addictions a little better.

Hello, my name is Sabrina and I’m a hopeless shopaholic.


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