This wretched child.

Thinking back on my growing up years, I’m now quite convinced I was a pretty messed-up kid. I’m quite relieved I turned out normal (though some people will beg to differ).

In my previous post, I mentioned how I was mostly left alone. Obviously studying hard was not on the top of my to-do list. So I had to find things to do to kill time.

In Singapore, most of us commoners live in flats. A typical flat consists of 12 storeys, with multiple units on each level. I used to live on the second floor with my room facing the car park. And right across said car park was a bus stop which many people had to go to to get to their desired destination. I also realised that I have a loud voice. Perfect.

Wondering how this is going to pan out? Wonder no more.

One afternoon, I was so bored I ended up sitting on my chest of drawers, watching life pass by through my window. One second, nothing was happening. The very next, this lady emerged into my line of sight and boy, did she look like she was in a hurry to go somewhere. Not sure what came over me but I shouted HEY! just for the heck of it. Of course she turned. I ducked. She scanned her vicinity and seeing that there was no one, she whipped back around and resumed walking quickly again. I repeated shouting at her a couple more times and each time, she turned, and with each passing turn, she got increasingly pissed off. I’m ashamed to say her reaction made my day. The next time I did that, she actually did an about turn and scanned the entire block up and down trying to find that annoying person. Obviously she never did.

From that day on, I repeated this “game” whenever I was bored out of my wits. I shared this “game” with my sister and we tried it out one afternoon together. She too, was having loads of fun until she was slow in ducking and nearly got caught. She didn’t dare to partake much in it thereafter. Wimp. Or maybe she just grew up lol.

I had a classmate who lived on the fourth storey. We quarrelled in school one day and I decided I needed to have the last say and win this argument (well, I was young and childish). Now, we have rag and bone men who drive their lorries and park them at random blocks. They then use a horn and shout to get people’s attention. They collect anything from old newspapers, used clothings to spoilt electrical appliances for a pittance sum. One of them came by my block one afternoon and started his usual hawking. Wanting to exact revenge, I called out to him. He asked which level and I shouted my classmate’s address.

I never found out in detail what happened but I knew the man got nothing after lugging his trolley up four levels and my classmate got a dressing down from his parents for being mischievous even though he vehemently denied it.

After that episode I stopped my wilful ways. First, it got kind of boring, second, I felt bad for the poor man who was trying to make a living and my poor innocent classmate and third, I must have finally grown up.

Funnily enough, my mother never questioned why I was shouting at random on days she was home. Guess she either turned a deaf ear or resigned herself to fate for having a child not so right up there.

Which is another reason why I so adamantly refuse to have kids. I believe in karma. I truly believe my child will pay me back in my own coin at least threefold. *shudder* The horrors of bringing up someone worse than me.


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