Aren’t we just friends?

Why are we fighting over something that happened half a year ago? What right have you to be mad at me? Don’t ask me that stupid question about who I’m going to be blame if I got molested or worse, raped by that dodgy stranger.

Of course I cannot blame anyone but myself. Because I answered a stranger one lousy question despite your warnings.

And of course it’s my fault too that he followed me without my knowledge because I asked for it for replying him in the first place.

I didn’t reply you not because I’m guilty, or that I really think it’s my fault. I didn’t reply you because how do you expect me to say that it’s your fault?

If you didn’t cancel on me at the last minute because you had to run some errands for your friend, I wouldn’t have gone out alone and met that weird man.

It’s your fault because you expect me to play a mute person when I’m obviously not. But you think the fault is all mine because I chose to disregard my own safety by replying yes to one innocent question. As if I’d knowingly put myself at risk in a foreign land.

It’s my fault ok. I can never win. No, it’s not a competition but with you insisting on being such a stick in the mud, then it’s pointless for me to say a word more.

And last I checked, you said we’re just friends so I beg you please. Don’t blur the lines if you really say what you mean.


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