The ups of being down.

Greetings from my bed (at nearly noon)! Not sure if there’s a bug going around or the accumulative stress from work, but I’m sick and have been since last Thursday. Even though I’m diabetic and have a supposedly weaker constitution, I seldom fall sick. Occasionally a sniffle here and there, but rarely anything too serious.

So when I started displaying symptoms of the flu last Thursday night, I put it down to major stress because I was to have our regional MD and head of prescription meds following me around on Friday. Talk about stress!

It went alright, but I started getting cranky (not a rare phenomenon actually haha) and a general feeling of being uncomfortable that dragged on to Saturday. I actually turned down a beer session can you believe it. I don’t remember myself ever saying no to beer. But it was a good thing I did because I came down with a high fever and a massive sore throat (that started festering in the day). It took me half an hour to eat a standard sized cup of yogurt because I was in so much pain swallowing. That was all I had for dinner too. Must be really ill because I turned food down.

Couldn’t sleep the whole night because my body was aching like mad and it went ooh it’s too cold, wrap yourself up like a burrito and omfg am I in hell or what it’s motherfucking hot the whole night. Felt so miserable that I had to track a doctor down on Sunday morning because the thought of me having to repeat the previous night’s process sent shudders to my very core.

So, officially I have fever and pharyngitis. After a day of meds, I feel almost like myself again. Except that I sound like a tranny. The good thing about the meds is that it knocks me out. Something which I’m seriously lacking which probably attributed to me being sick in the first place. A pity I have to go back to work tomorrow. This resting in bed shit sure rocks my boat. And you know what else rocks from me being sick? X. He has been checking on me this entire duration (which is unlike him), so that makes being sick even more worth it in a sadistic way.

Now I’m going to eat something so I can medicate and I cannot wait for my bed to beckon me into its arms again. I love my bed.



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