Girl crush on a man who doesn’t fancy girls.

Am I crazy if I tell you I’m having a schoolgirl crush on my male boss who is not interested in females? Yes.

This supposed crush I have on him is very different from what I feel about X. I think it stemmed from the time I told you how grateful I am to my mentor. He helped me through tough times when I was facing a career crunch and has been a wonderful manager since he took me under his wings. The fact that I can approach him for any work issues is a bonus. Let’s call him M.

X asked me about him before, and I told him that M is physically very much my cup of tea. Tall- check. Handsome- check. Charming- check. Intelligent- check. Good heart- check. Only problem is his lack of interest in the female species. I obviously have not heard confirmation from the horse’s mouth because 1. It is not my place to ask about his sexual orientation, 2. It is rude, 3. It is none of my business and 4. His orientation does not make him a better or worse person that he already is. But there are signs which I will not go into that make me sure that he’ll never be interested in me (or anyone with a vajayjay) ever.

M conducts body combat classes on the side and he invited a few of us in his team to try it out last week. When I saw him in exercise gear, the lusty person in me went woahhhhhhhhhh.

At work, he’s always in fitted (but not tight) crisp shirts and looks the ever consummate professional. In the gym, his formidable (not the overly bulgy gross kind) arms and persona took on a different kind of charm. No wonder he has such a huge following of female fans. Now he has one more hurhurhur.

Like I said earlier, this admiration is vastly different from the effect X has on me, but I cannot stop my mind going homaigawdhe’ssogoodlooking each time he looks into my eyes.

I think I’m a lucky girl to have gorgeous people to look at during and after work. Though the after work man needs to up his appearance more often. It has improved significantly, but he’s still playing them hot and warm games. :/

So now, am I abnormal from crushing on a gay man?



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