Theodore, Theodore, wherefore art thou?

I’ve always been terrible with directions. Like how Pierre Herme was literally a five minute walk from my apartment in Paris but I spent 30 minutes because I couldn’t get my bearings right. Or that time at the zoo where I insisted I knew the way. Only I didn’t. I made my poor friend walk in a complete opposite direction. Oops. Well, at least we got tons of exercise.

Because I know how terribly misoriented I get, I always make sure I exit and re-enter using the same lift lobbies when I park my car. Except for last week. I was in a rush to catch some doctors and did not take time to see where I was (also, because I spent many hours of my growing up years in that same hospital, I was extremely confident I knew my way around). How wrong I was. I spent 10 minutes circling the car park after work, almost getting into a frenzy at one point. I was having a text conversation with X then, and he cleverly suggested I keep pressing the unlock button so that my car would beep. That would be an absolutely brilliant idea. If my car actually had that mechanism.

I eventually found my Theodore, but not without some gentle chiding from X for being such a scatter-brain and after perspiring buckets.

Yesterday, I went to the same hospital. Ended up in a totally new wing because the older structure had a gabazillion visitors. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, I took extra care to note the lobby section (Lobby J1) and the corresponding wall colour of said section (green).

Imagine my horror when I went down after work and couldn’t find my Theodore again! Granted, I was a little distracted because I was on the phone trying to solve an issue but I clearly checked that my mental notes were right.

Deeply perplexed, I circled that area and somehow landed…. In front of the mortuary. Why the mortuary is right smack in the middle of a car park I don’t know, but you should have seen me back away in mild panic. I forced myself to be calm (and walk far away from that eerie section) and back-tracked. Of course I found my car eventually. It was on a totally different level. *smacks head in disbelief*

I have beef with that. Why replicate the section colours and numbers when they are different levels? They could easily segment the upper level A to M and N onwards for the lower levels or something. Sheesh. I didn’t dare tell X about this because he would surely surely nag me to no end.

I think, from this day forth, I will carry bread with me wherever I go so that I can drop breadcrumbs like Hansel and Gretel.



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