Mon ami, my happy pill.

Work has been so tiring. Because of an upcoming product launch, we have all been swamped. 10hr work days on Saturdays (of which I’m neither getting paid for nor get a day off in lieu), the pressure of being the first country in SEA to launch therefore everyone’s eyes are on us, no room for failure only success being drilled into our heads everyday… And as if I wasn’t tired enough, my boss is stressing me out by telling me I must be the one to secure the first sale because he (and me too) doesn’t want to let the GP team lord over us because they can be such braggarts.

I’ve not had a social life (except last weekend) for the longest time. Am almost a hermit. Neglecting all my friends and not even having time to read. My poor abandoned books. And ohmygodddd tomorrow I’m supposed to ferry two doctors to lunch. Me and my exceptionally poor sense of direction. Their lives in my hands. One’s a Cardiology prof and the other is an equally prominent Nephro. Ok, no sweat ok.

I’m a big nervous ball of wreck and being an insomniac is not helping. Just yesterday, my male colleague said, “Lack of sleep huh? Yup, I can tell.”, and after I jokingly whined to my boss about it, he stared at my face and said, “Eh really leh, you didn’t wear makeup today?”. Thanks guys, really.

Worst of all, I’m breaking out and putting on weight. I seem to have developed an insatiable appetite ever since I decided to start jogging. How ironic. And my insides must be really toxic because I’m not afraid to share with you that my farts are lethal till the point it’s unbearable even to me. Ok, maybe now I’m a tad embarrassed because I’m quite sure you all are quietly judging me now. Before you do that, ask yourself if your farts smell like flowers.

The one thing (or rather, person) that (who) brightens my day is ironically, X. No matter how furrowed my brows are, or how stressed I am, his texts always bring a smile to my useless and weak-willed face. The more I withdraw, the more he’s clawing back into my life. Just to clear the air, I’m not playing games with him by playing hard to get, but my nonchalance seems to be working wonders. Such dangerous games. Cannot be good for my heart and ever diminishing willpower.

Need to try to sleep. Brain is not functioning as well as usual as you can see from the lack of vocabulary.



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