The good, the bad and everything else in between.

The good: So, I passed my test with apparent flying colours. Apparent because they have yet to return our papers, but the trainer said I’m one of the top scorers (yayyyy the studying was not in vain).

The not-so-good: Tomorrow is the last day of our training and we have to sit for another test, this time with additional questions with more clinical stuff. I did not revise this time. Shite.

The happy: In my line of work, role-play is everything. I’m not referring to the Fifty Shades of Grey kind of role-play, in case you were confused for a minute. We had a session today in preparation for the launch of our new product. I was nervous because it was done in front of the entire sales team, and the “doctor” is a real doctor, not one played by a manager or rep. The doctor (our medical director actually) said I did very well and only had one minor feedback for me. Our trainer said “very good” and that’s enough for me because he’s very nit picky. My manager said “you did a very good job” and he’s the one person I don’t want to disappoint. My peers praised me too. Obviously I was all floaty on the clouds the rest of today.

The unhappy: I finally am free from my stepmother! Or so I thought. I was free for a whole of one miserable weekend. Then my boss dropped the bomb on me that I most likely will have to continue to cover her because she wants me to. Well, fuck me, fuck my life. It’s like I murdered her entire lineage in my past life or something and she’s bent on haunting me this life. And you know what the kicker is? I won’t be entitled to the commission from her sales. Which means I’ll have to be in her clinic for at least three hours a week, count stock, be at her beck and call, buy her groceries, run her errands and basically be her bitch on top of managing my new territory. All these while the rep taking over my area will sit back and laugh all the way to the bank for doing nothing. I might as well go tattoo the word sucker on my forehead or something. How does this even make sense?! Oh gosh I’m getting so worked up typing this out. *fans self*

The improvement: Out of sight, out of mind. I have been doing well with X. Actually without X. Perhaps I’ve been busy. Perhaps I’m sick and tired of this whole thing. But I no longer think about him a quadrillion times a day. Maybe just about every other hour.

The regression: Then, out of the blue today, he texted. And asked me out. Then brought up our secret “project” that I’ve given up on ever bringing to life because he’s ever so busy whenever it comes to me. I should have not replied. I should have rejected his asking me out and told him to go fly a kite. But I obviously didn’t. It’s like I take two baby steps forward and then he forces me back fifty steps. I know, I know, it’s nobody’s fault but mine for being so spineless.

The funny: You all know how the universe and her mother like to wonder why I’m still single and jump at every opportunity to matchmake me with anything that breathes and has a schlong. Yesterday, my colleague asked me to go pray to the deity of marriages (or matchmaking or something along those lines) for a partner. Honestly, I’m tickled by how creative they are getting. Can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.

The unfunny: I no longer fume at their insistence of me conforming to social norms. I just laugh and brush it off. Think this is another step towards old maid-dom. Soon I’ll be spending all my free time in a rocking chair knitting stuff for everyone and everything in my house. Like knitted coasters. Or a crocheted kettle warmer.

Yup, this has been my life this week and it’s only midweek ohmygod.


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