Perfect time to hibernate.

Helloooo! Everything recently has been about work, work and more work. Had a great time in Bangkok where I probably spent too much money…. Also had a chance to meet all my Malaysian colleagues; there’s so many of them. And wow, they really took the theme of our gala dinner (Glamourous and Fabulous) very seriously. Almost all the ladies came in floor-length, sweeping grounds and went to get their hair AND makeup professionally done. It actually looked like they were all attending their own weddings lol. Us Singaporeans paled in comparison. We perhaps looked more like we were dressed for a slumber party theme. I shit you not, they were really dressed for a red carpet event.

While I was in KL the week before, some of us girls were discussing outfits. And when the Malaysian girls found out I didn’t own a gown (like come on, who owns a gown?!), you should have seen the looks of horror on their faces. Well, I had the same expression of disbelief after finding out that most of them do own gowns. Cultural differences… Anyway, I was gunning more for the Fabulous route than being glam. Right.


Yup, we were all severely under-dressed comparatively.

I really did not have time for anything else since coming back. Well, I did re-colour my hair for CNY and did more shopping (old habits die hard…). This weekend, I’ve to complete reading 407 (!!!) pages of clinical stuff in preparation for an intense training session for a new product launch so any social activity is out. Is that even remotely possible? I can read a book for sure but data and PKPD stuff…. I’m not so sure. Woe is me.

And speaking of CNY, I’m kinda dreading the whole “where is your boyfriend/when are you getting married?” tirade. Nothing has changed since last year I’m sure, except that I’m another year older and therefore why am I still single. I look forward to this year’s festivities. Not. Oh gosh Valentine’s Day is round the corner too.


My fabulous self.


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