Single and ready to mingle.

I’ve been chanting my own “new year, new life” mantra for a while now. Partly to leave any trace of bitterness behind and a bigger part to keep myself in check.

Work wise, everything has been great. I have nice colleagues, good (for now…) bosses and a great self-christianed (by me) mentor who has been nothing but wonderful from the day I lost my last job. Just returned from Kuala Lumpur for a sales training and I’m off again to Bangkok for our company’s cycle meet. Almost feel like a jet-setter haha.

Personal life wise… Nothing to shout about. It’s been more than two weeks since we had any contact and I have come to a conclusion that yup, he really doesn’t give a fuck. Still painful for me to have to resist the urge to text him.

Was out with my boss yesterday and while I was sending him back to the office, he asked me about my usual weekend activities. Obviously I barely have any. He very kindly said the men of the world (such exaggerated flattery) is missing out on a great woman. I’m flushing with embarrassment as I’m typing out this untruth.

Everyone keeps telling me to get out more but as if I can meet someone so easily just by going out. I mean, come on, it has been a decade (!!! Old maid alert!). But it’s even more true that I won’t meet anyone by staying at home.

So tonight, I’ll be going out. Hence this post now as I may be pissed drunk to type anything coherent tonight haha. Meeting a friend for dinner, followed by the musical Cats and probably a few drinks after. World of men, I’m coming!


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