Counting llamas (because sheep are so passe).

Of course I can’t sleep. Other than it being the usual Sleepless Sundays, I’m starting my new job tomorrow. I’m feeling as nervous as if it was my first day at school. Will I fit in? Will I make any new friends? Who am I supposed to lunch with?! Sheesh. I’m 30 for the good lord’s sake!

On the outside, I seem like a confident, jovial, friendly and poised young lady that I’m not really. My inside though, is fairly chaotic with a thousand things running through my mind, all seeking attention at the same time. The bright side is that I know some people there already, so I won’t be completely awkward.

I’m extremely thankful I get to start this year with a job, so at least I feel better that I won’t rack up any bills. Still in the festive mood though, can’t believe it’s over so soon.

New year, new start. New beginnings to (hopefully) old endings. The one thing I really want to move on from is X. It has been challenging but it is improving. Before anyone breaks out the celebratory wine, I mean that I’m improving from letting go, not a progression kind of improve.

My now ex-colleagues have suggested that we go out and meet new men, but I declined. My next long-term goal (very different from a resolution mind you) is to save enough to buy my own space. That feels like an almost impossible task seeing that I’m the queen of shopping, but I’m going to give it a try. As Justin Bieber would say a lifetime ago, never say never. And no, I’m not a fan.

Good luck to anyone trying/doing/attempting new tasks! Now I’ll need some of that luck trying to sleep.


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