Out with the old.

Hello 2015, and here’s wishing everyone a smashing year ahead. I hope with all my heart that the new year will bring new beginnings. For both you and me.

I actually spent the first few hours of the year being annoyed. Not the best way to start I’ll have to say. To me, it felt just like any other new day, but the world and her mother obviously were high on something. I’ll have what they’re having too, please. My timeline on Facebook and Instagram were flooded with post after post after post of the same stuff. I mean, okay, you want to wish everybody a happy new year, but when it seems like 492 of your friends wish for the same things, it is just an overkill. These people lack originality. If I may unleash my mean streak I’d even say they lack brains. Not everyone is intellectual I understand but couldn’t they come up with something different? Or at least post something that came sincerely from your heart.

Then we have those who are grateful for every single thing in their lives. That’s good, even I need to learn from them. But come on be honest, don’t you feel like rolling your eyes at them and have the urge to strangle their life-is-perfect saccharine beings? I know I do. Yup, it seems like it’ll take a while more for me to be grateful for every aspect in my life like them. Heels broke while on a hot date? Be grateful you even had shoes and a date to begin with. Dog got run over by a bus? Be thankful that it was an instant death and said pet did not have to suffer any pain.

And who says we all have to make new year resolutions? Let’s face the truth. Most people lose that determination maybe 1.5 months into the year. You can be resolute all you want but don’t drag me into it. I don’t make resolutions because I think they are stupid. If I want to set myself to do something, I will. Not because oh it’s my new year’s resolution but because I truly want to do it.

I don’t mean to sound like this negative ball of energy but tell me, I can’t be the only one who possesses such thoughts right? Doesn’t anybody else feel the same?

On a more positive note, I think I may be #1 again for Q4 (woo hoo more money!), which means that my ex-company essentially got rid of one of their top performers. Warped logic. I hope you all regret your decision and watch me shine from wherever you all are. Preferably from below where I will stand.


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