The tides have turned.

This year’s Christmas has been so different from the past. It used to be such a big affair for us on the eve. Makes me feel old even though I’m not that old.

Dressed to the nines with beautiful party frocks and stilettos. The big group of girls and their partners (and sometimes a lonely, single friend or two) Full makeup on. Well-thought-out parties with food, drinks, games, exchange of presents.
This year it was just us siblings (the parents were on their way home from a short holiday). We joked that this year’s theme was glitzy. Nothing could be further from the truth. We were all in our PJs. Barefaced. We bought a Christmas package but we ate it off a table wrapped in a black trash bag so that we could just bag and throw when we were done. We barely remembered to wish each other Merry Christmas when the clock struck at midnight.

Alcohol. Alcohol galore. The only thing that never stopped was the alcohol. We had it at every opportunity. Latecomers? Have a shot of vodka before you enter. Food? Of course it tastes better with wine. Games? You lose, you drink. You won, but I’m sure you’re thirsty so drink up. Midnight? Cheers everyone! Have some champagne! Party slows down? No problem. Let’s continue drinking and see who’s the last one standing.
Alcohol? What alcohol? For the very first time since I turned 15 (I was an underaged drinker), we had zero alcohol. I know. Hard to believe myself too. We did think of buying wine but in the end we just went nahhhhh.

Presents for everyone. Secret Santa. The joy and excitement from exchanging gifts. The fun we had buying booby gifts. The effort put into buying every individual’s present.
I mentioned in an earlier post that I was so not in the mood to do any gift shopping. You can say I was in a fuck it, I don’t care mood this year. I still don’t.

Amazing how my life seemed to change overnight (a year’s worth of nights to be precise). I do miss the whole dressing up and gathering with friends shindig but it appears to be more and more of a “forced”, like let’s-just-do-it-for-tradition’s-sake with the change in dynamics and all year after year.

Kinda sad if you think about it. Can we reverse time please? Since we’re on the topic on reversal, Merry Christmas (perfect excuse to cover up the fact that I’m a day late)!



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