These are my happy things.

Because I’ve been in such a funk lately and I really shouldn’t because life still has to go on and it’s nearing Christmas (no one should be upset at this time of the year), I decided to think happy thoughts. And these are some of the things (non-exhaustive) that make me grin my gummy smile.

♥ Glittery things. Be it shoes, useless ornaments, accessories, stationery, nail polish and I could go on to list five hundred more things. Not sure what exactly why the sparkly stuff get me but I just do.


Behold my glittery, Christmassy shoes.


More glitter!

♥ Cute things. I know I’m 30 but my eyes light up at cutesy stuff like earrings and brooches and yes, even stuffed animals. *hangs head in shame*


Cute llama stuffie and erm cute little bag.


My very own pet balloon. Come, meet Kitty.

♥ Superficial things. I’m referring to things that do not define one as a person like say, personality, big heart or a sense of humour. I’m talking about clothes, shoes, bags and other endless possibilities! I know no one really gives a shit about what I wear or don’t, but buying beautiful items of clothing make me extremely happy. I’m such a shallow person but well, at least I’m happy. Right….?


Isn't my goldfish dress so very pretty??? And I've got shoes to match too!


Three pairs at one go. But aren't they lovely...?

♥ Books. Many people have expressed surprise when they discover how much of a bookworm I am (who are these judgmental people?!). Reading just brings extreme pleasure to my being and I get to be transported to the land of crime, fantasy and comedy all from the comfort of my bed. What’s not to like?


My recent haul from Paris which most likely contributed to me having to pay for excess baggage.


I mainly read fiction.

♥ Being silly. At work, I’m known to be quite a funny person, but with my family and a close circle of friends, ahhh that’s when I really get to unleash my inner crazy. Sometimes, even I think I need to be reined in.


Even though this was for a themed party, I actually walked out of the house and around in public looking like that and had strangers stopping me for photos.


Crazy won me an ipad woo hoo.

♥ Painting. Though I graduated from art school, I never really had time to just paint random things till I took lessons (and where I would meet the heartbreaker). It is actually such a therapeutic activity and I should consider doing it more often especially because I seem to have anger management issues lol. But the whole priming of canvasses is sooo time consuming and blah.


Till this day, I have not completed the background lol. And this must be at least two years lol.


A work in progress which has been stagnant for months because he has no time for me to continue my lessons pfffttttt.

So there you have it (for now). Writing this post sure put a smile on my face though I sincerely hope it didn’t bring on the Zzzzs to you.

What makes you happy? You can tell me if you like!



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