Fat to Fab. Maybe.

Too fast it’s December. November has always been my favourite month (no prizes for guessing why) but this year it was plain horrible.

Well hopefully, new month new start. On the job hunt search, things have been looking fairly upbeat. I’m almost being offered by one company and another seems really impressed with me. To be honest, I feel a bit torn. I know I just said previously how I will never be dead loyal to one company again, but I still feel a tad guilty that I may be letting one side down. Not to say that I’m super in demand or something or that the company I eventually reject will collapse because I didn’t join. This guilt thing is something I need to work on. In all aspects of my life I always allow it to eat at me, which is also why I’m a target for “bullying” and emotional blackmailing. Meh.

On a personal level, I’ve been putting on weight. Though I don’t own a weighing scale, I know exactly when I lose or gain weight. Paris, in spite of the wondrous offerings of food made me lose weight because not only did I barely eat, but I easily clocked more than 10km most days. Then I came back, ate like my life depended on it, barely walked because I drive and then BOOM! I put on at least 4kg. Hmmm did I just say December seemed to be looking up?

My work dresses have recently become very uncomfortable to wear especially around the armpits and the waist area and each time I catch a glimpse of my arm in any reflective surface, I cringe. Sometimes my dresses get sooo tight I’m afraid I’ll do an Incredible Hulk transformation in public. The horrors. Imagine bursting out of my dress and the world sees that I’m not wearing matching underwear. How shameful that will be.

So I plan to embark on this fitness program which helped one of my friend lose a massive amount of weight and hope I achieve similar results. I joined them once this week and realised how grotesquely unfit I am. And my body age is 47. If I continue to let myself go like this, I’m going to be a senior citizen in no time.

Not sure how successful I’ll be though. Yes it was my first time there but you should have seen how I panted like a dog. While attempting push-ups, I collapsed to the ground unable to bring myself up. My poor arms trembled like an earthquake while planking. And let’s not even go anywhere near some of their moves. Some looked like it required me to remove a rib or two in order to successfully execute them. Needless to say, I ached everywhere up till today. I had a coughing fit earlier and oh lord, how my stomach hurt. I would like to say abs but that would be a gross untruth. Places I never gave a second thought to or even knew existed ache like hell.

Wish me luck. I need lots of it on the job and weight loss front. I have visions of this being a total comic relief and relishing you with hilarious stories at my expense. But, never give up even before the get go, right? And at least, you’ll have something to look forward to now.



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