Turning 30.

So. I’ve been officially made redundant. Wow. Retrenched at 30. Even though I psyched myself to be prepared for the worst, the bad news still hit me like a cement mixer. I’m also ashamed to report that I broke down and bawled my eyes out. In the office no less.

So now the entire office has seen me being weak and an emotional wreck. Well, doesn’t really matter since I’m going to leave. I won’t go into the nasty details because I don’t wish to keep harping on it like a bitter old prune. And it’s a done deal anyway, so no amount of cursing and swearing will change anything.

More interestingly, I just turned 30! Whoop! Happy birthday, Me! Though my big 3-0 was not as smashing as I’d have ideally liked it to be, through this personal “crisis”, I have received tons of words of support and encouragement and I have been reminded that I’m still loved and cared for by many.


This was from my ex-DSM who checked in on me after my emotional breakdown. This message sure brought tears to my eyes again.


My sweet colleague lured me back to the office after lunch to present me with balloons! People who understand me know that I’m for practicality and have zero interest for useless things like flowers. But balloons are a different story altogether. I’ve always secretly envied people who received big bunches of balloons on their birthday because they are like the happiest, floaty little things around. I never expected this because well, I AM 30 and who else would buy them for me?

The boys brought me out to have beers and I ate too much cake over the past two days, but I have to say I feel very touched by every single person who put in their time and effort to build lasting memories for me on my birthday that warms my heart so.

A friend texted me today saying she hopes good things happen to me because I’m such a good person. Well, I personally beg to differ because I know how horrible I can be, but it’s nice to know that some people see me as a good person.

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve so much love and concern from so many others. I won’t question or push it away, but I’m grateful. Once again, thank you everyone who made my 30th birthday special! 😚


My annual cake shot.



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