Au revoir, Paris. À bientôt!

Tonight’s my last night in Paris (cue big, heaving sobs!!!). As much as I refuse to acknowledge it, I’ll have to go back home. Even though my flight is tomorrow evening, I won’t have time for anything else because I’ll have to finish packing and most likely have to sit on my heaving luggage in order to close it and I’ll have to be at the airport early to do tax refunds (I have nine pieces of documents!) and stuff.

Today was spent scrambling around for last-minute souvenirs and I took a little walk around. And found myself doing this:


Doing the touristy thing.

If you’re on Instagram, you can find a few pictures using the hashtag SSInParis. Other than each of the S’ representing our names (yes, X’s name actually starts with S), it could also read as asses in Paris. Geddit, geddit? (Am I the only person laughing with mirth at this?)

So I felt like I had to do this to close this chapter. I locked this not to pledge eternal love or shit, but to remember the bestest month in my life. “We” are on Pont Neuf, overlooking the Seine and right across Samaritaine, what used to be the biggest mall in Paris which will be torn down soon (I heard, not sure how true). Come visit “us” if you ever come!

And no, I did not throw the keys into the river because I read that it was causing serious pollution to the river. Not that I’m some tree-hugging, nature-loving environmentalist but I should at least show some respect to my host country apart from abiding by their law (except that I jay-walk allll the time, but hey I’m just doing as the locals do). And in case I regret this friendship one day I can unlock it. I alone have this power because all the keys are with me muahahahaha. They are starting to replace these grids with acrylic boards so I don’t know how long “we’ll” be there for.

天下没有不散的宴席。Literally translated, they mean “there is no feast that never ends”. Or in English we usually just say, all good things come to an end lol. As much as I dread going back, I’ll have to. So for now, thank you and so long for all the great and bad times, #SSInParis! This is not goodbye. I’ll be back. Someday, but surely.

For now, my luggages are my primary worry. Why did I shop so much? Why do I have so many souvenirs to bring back? Why did I buy seven pairs of shoes and four bags and clothes and other stuff??? Oh god, WHY?!



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