Happy birthday, my old man.

Happy 34th birthday, X!

This year, he got to celebrate it twice; once in Singapore time and another in Paris time. And we got to celebrate it together. Well kind of. He’s going to be busy packing the house on his birthday on French time. Like ermm how sexy is that?

As usual, he doesn’t want any presents but tell me, who doesn’t like receiving presents?! See. I see no hand being raised. I’m hoping to get him a present here, but if he refuses, I actually prepared his present back home in Singapore. Hurhur sneaky or what.

So I bought him lunch at this fairly fancy schmancy restaurant that he recommended. Prices were surprisingly very affordable (I had visions of paying an arm and a leg and maybe having to sleep with the chefs or something…) and the food was so good. Came in incredibly large portions too so defo worth every cent!


This year he gets a series of cards which has their own story line behind.

You’re the first people to see this! I originally planned to give him this tomorrow at 3, 4 (because he turns 34) and 7pm (and because 3 and 4 makes 7…? Hahaha!) tomorrow. Until he dropped the bomb that we’re not meeting. To think domestic issues triumph over such a desirable, lovable person like myself.

Well not that I’m complaining too much. I had to go visit a pharmacist to get meds for my aching back and I walked so much today my leg actually swelled wtf. Therefore I’ll be dealing with domestic issues on my side as well. On the bed. Resting. Watching HK dramas.

Once again, my ability to transcend topics amaze me to no end.

On his birthday, I’d like to send him my best wishes and love. Except he won’t accept the latter. But I won’t let a minor issue like disappointment get in my way. I count my blessings everyday that I have his friendship and I thank him for being the kind and generous person that he is. To be honest, my heart has been set aflutter so many times in the one week that we’ve seen each other but I have to keep reminding myself to stop it.

Dear X, you may not know how much I like you (or maybe he does), but I wish only the best for you because you deserve it. In the spirit of being in Paris- Joyeux Anniversaire, mon amour.


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