I’m grateful for…

Often, I shake my head at others who don’t seem to understand the meaning of being grateful. Like some of my colleagues who complain endlessly when our product manager suggests a venue for team lunch. It is not a bad place at all but because of it’s proximity to our office, we go there quite often and I guess many are getting sick of the food. I used to be one of them but I’ve since stopped because why should I be complaining about a free and sumptuous lunch?

Or when they whine non-stop about certain gifts. Just recently, sooo many of them were not happy that they were gifted Nalgene water bottles. I wanted to kick them in their mouths and wished my shoe got stuck in there forever too.

I also have friends who always wish for so much more even though they already have so much; a free, fully paid for university education, a wonderful partner, a well-paying job and the list goes on. It’s not wrong to have wants and dreams, but sometimes we really need to take a step back and reflect.

Me? I’m guilty of being a whiny bitch and not getting my way sometimes, but I’m really really grateful for….

… My family. I’m lucky that my whole family is intact and well. Sure we have our squabbles and moments but I’m thankful that we are complete. And I know that I’ll always have a safe place to return to. P.s: Thank you for not chasing me out of the house, mum and dad.

… Friends. Sometimes I’m sooo annoying that I wouldn’t be friends with myself but somehow, these people still love me for my quirks and all. You guys sure have unique tastes. I know my ill temper and poison tongue are hard to swallow at times, so I’m super grateful that all your tolerance and level of patience surpass my threshold lol.

… My job. I know I complain a fair bit occasionally about my colleagues and how I’m on the receiving end of bias, but it is a fairly comfy job and the environment is overall wholesome and warm. Which leads to…

… Going on a holiday for an entire month soon (21 more sleeps to be exact!). Some people rarely or never get an opportunity to even travel, so I’m really grateful that while I’m not rolling in riches rich, I can afford to see a little more of this world once in a while.

… My deteriorating health. Even though this is nothing to whoop about, I have to say it has made me more aware that I could be in a worse state. When I read about sad and scary things that happen to other people, I thank my lucky stars that I’m only diabetic and not _____ (insert scary illness).

I constantly remind myself to be contented and grateful but it’s definitely still a work in progress. My temper alone needs tons of work. I’m following some awesome people on their blogs and on Instagram and I’m inspired by how they see the good in everyone and everything (in a non-preachy manner) and how much positive vibes and energy they are giving out.

Which I’m ashamed of when I compare mine to theirs. I’m terribly guilty of sending negative vibes and being an energy vampire every so often. But I would like to thank all 125 of you who follow this page for putting up with my crap. I may be unaware sometimes but feel free to kick my ass if need be. I promise not to unleash my potty mouth on you. A promise is a promise. *pinky promise*


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