Resistance is futile, they say.

The one day I remain single, is the one day I’ll get no peace. Everyone, and I mean e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e is on my case. Family (more of relatives than my immediate), friends, colleagues, friends of friends and the list goes on. What takes the cake is that even my customers are into it now.

Before anyone gasps with incredulity, let me remind you that I’m a pharma drug rep, not some bar girl (in case anyone misread customers). So yes, these people who I’m talking about are doctors. While I’m glad that some of them have transcended beyond a strict working relationship to the point of us knowing each other on a more personal basis, I’m still a little squeamish about this.

While I can openly tell everyone one else to fuck off and leave me alone, I can’t possibly do the same to my doctors. Unless I want to be exiled from this industry forever.

I usually laugh it off when they tell me they are keeping a look out for me but one recently took it far too seriously. So let’s call this good man Dr. H. He called me on Monday just to tell me he wants to introduce me to a man. Dr. H went on to tell me that this man is a young, handsome, fit and capable chap. All this during my team meeting. Had to step out because he didn’t allow me to butt in. I just jokingly said ok sure and mentally back-pedalled as fast as my mental legs could carry me.

I don’t trust Dr. H’s words at all. First, he’s about 80. So anyone a couple of decades younger is “young” by his standards. And if he’s some Managing Director, how young can he be? Also, because of his age, “handsome” could be derived through his cataracts. And this doctor is a bit of a…. howdoIputit…..lecher. He gives me the heebie jeebies from the way he looks at me (scanning me from head to toe multiple times even though I’m obviously not a babe) and how he tries to shake my hands like four times in 10 minutes.

Anyway. So I thought that was the end of it (was also praying that his ageing mind has a bad memory) until he called me again today. He kept asking me to go to his house for dinner to meet this man. Thought I could fob him off by asking for a picture first. Holy mother of god my thoughts were all wrong. He said he’ll show me a picture if I go to his clinic. Noooooooo! My plans have obviously backfired on me.

As you would have known by now, I’m an extremely shallow person even though I’m no where near perfect myself. I just cannot accept certain physical aspects. Like dating a shorter guy. Or someone as old as pie (rhyming going on here). I’m sure that man is a good man. But what era are we living in? Matchmaking my good lord!

My next genius plan would be to go a few weeks later and suddenly announce that I now have a man friend. Do you think this would work? Or throw me some brilliant ideas. Me and my big mouth. If I adopted a married woman persona right from the start I wouldn’t be in this state now.

Woe is me. I’ll update in a few weeks when it happens. Wish me luck.


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