Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

I’m turning into a stalker. Jeng jeng jeng! We have not been in contact since 5th August (but who’s counting anyway?) except for one comment we each made on each other’s photo. I’ve also had to almost physically restrain myself from liking every photo that he has posted so far. Not that every photo is that spectacular, but I think a wee part of me is hoping he’ll notice my presence. Omg did I really just say that? Excuse me, obviously a few months shy of turning 30 is doing nothing for my maturity.

One thing annoys me though. So he didn’t even bother to drop ONE lousy text to tell me that he arrived in the south of France safe and sound but he has time to go on Facebook every.single.day to like and comment on other people’s stuff huh. Not that I’m keeping track….. Ok I have to say I kinda did hahaha.

What’s more annoying is that the one lousy comment he left for my photo was another futile attempt at coupling me with another man. Who doesn’t even exist! And so not my type!


Theodore is my car and I sent him for servicing. That area is male-dominated.


So my friend started the whole sweaty men shit....


And he just has to butt in. Asshole.

Ok, so that were two annoying things. At this moment, I’m angry with him. For ignoring me, for forgetting about me (no one is allowed to forget me. Ever.), for annoying (my new favourite word) me and for everything else that cheesed me off yesterday, today and tomorrow. Like the rude salesperson I met today. And those joggers judging me because I was sooo lousy today. And don’t even get me started on the stifling weather. Yes, it’s all his fault. ALL HIS TO BEAR. Yup, I’m classy and reasonable like that. My parents would be so proud of me.



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