The art of being.

It’s disheartening how people are becoming increasingly soul-less. Apparently how one is measured successful these days is from the number of branded bags they have or the type of cars they drive or something equally material.

I decided to vent on this because so many people have been asking me about him. First of all, I don’t understand the fascination they have with him. It’s not like he has an extra eye or has green coloured skin. Even if he does, it is none of our businesses to judge him.

The most common question I get is what he does for a living. He’s an artist, and a damn good one at that may I add (I may be overly biased on this note, may I also add). At this point, I’m usually met with a long pause because they do not think that being an artist is a legitimate job. Then the “real” questions come fast and furious.

“So… What is his day job?”
Omfg are you seriously kidding me? Which part of HE’S AN ARTIST don’t you understand?!?!

“How does he survive just painting?”
Exactly like how you and me do. Do you think that he creates works for free? Last I checked, he’s not some charitable organisation.

“Does he contribute to his family (expenses)?”
Yes. Even if he didn’t, again, it is none of your fucking business. I know of people with “respectable” jobs not giving a single cent to their household.

“How long is he going to carry on painting until he finds a real job?”
As long as he freaking likes ok. Are you his mother? Even his mother does not bother him on this.

“How is he going to support you in future?”
Let me get this straight once and for all. We.Are.Not.Together. Even if we were, what am I? Limb-less? Spine-less?! I don’t need anyone to support me financially thank you very much.

See for yourselves. I get stupid questions like this all the time. It’s not like I go out of my way to defend him but these people seriously lack education. I blame society. We have been brought up to believe that the way to success is if we have “proper” paper qualifications, a high-flying job in a “respectable” industry, the ability to splurge on material things and all.

I won’t claim that I’m above all that. I too, covet a bag or two, but it’s because I find them aesthetically pleasing and not because I need to prove myself to anyone. I have people baulk at me when I mentioned that I went to art school, say I enjoy going to museums and watching plays and attending painting classes in my free time. From the looks they give me, you’d think I said I enjoy eating my own booger or prostituting myself for sheer enjoyment.

I’ve had it with these uneducated educated folks. Life is more than going out to be seen and wanting to impress others with what you have achieved in life. There is nothing wrong with that if that is your perception of perfection, but you don’t have to turn your noses up at alternative choices people made just because you don’t think they are good enough for you.

I’m not defending him or his choices not because I cannot stomach their sneers but it’s his life and he enjoys what he does and he’s happy and he’s self-sufficient and not harming others so leave him alone and shut the fuck up already ok?



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