The air in Paris.

I cannot wait for the next 58 days to zoom past. Never mind all I’ve done is to flip through one guide book mostly reading about the history of Paris (which can be barely counted as research).

It doesn’t help that he keeps sending me picture after picture of how beautiful every corner is, or how delicious everything looks. Ok I admit, I may be slightly biased because Paris is a place I’ve always dreamt of going.

Thinking about how wine is cheaper than water seals the deal. But he has already made it clear that if I order a bottle, he’s going to help with only half a glass. Not that I cannot manage a bottle on my own but where’s the fun in drinking alone? His reasoning is that he will turn red and that makes us easy targets so for the safety of us both, it’s a no go. Okay if you say so.

Not sure if it’s the air over there or he’s just in a jolly good mood, but he has been extremely communicative, which throws me into an absolute funk. Sure I’m happy, but I’m not supposed to be remember….


Our mad-cap conversation

Maybe I’m partial to this man, but I was near hysterical when we were having this crazy conversation. You be the judge and tell me if it isn’t funny at all.

I was mildly touched when he got agitated when I told him my work woes involving this upcoming trip. It’s been frustrating for me because obviously I can’t share it with anyone at work (many alliances which I might not be aware of), so it was nice to have someone being logical and fair to me for once.

Oh did I also mention that there might be a teeny possibility that he might bunk in with me after all? He has not found accommodation for October and his friend is hello him to source but if it doesn’t work out, he’s sleeping over.

Jeng jeng jeng! Of course I want him to share my apartment. This way, he won’t have to rush off to go whenever it gets dark. But the rational side of me is also very worried. How do I walk around bra-less? (TMI alert: I have an irrational fear of saggy boobs but I do let them hang free before I sleep) And with my irregular bowel movement, I’m going to stink up the toilet. And how do I wash and leave my undies to dry if he’s there? Or how I look when I wake up in the mornings? Or even how my shorts have a knack of stealthily exposing my ass when I sleep? Omg. The fears are endless.

Ok calm down. I think it’s more than likely he’ll find another place to stay because who wants to sleep in the floor for an entire month right? (He’s adamant about not sharing the bed because he says he’s an active sleeper and will kick me off the bed. Hah! I think it’s more likely that he’s afraid of what I’ll do to him….) I repeat, I’m not a pervert ok. 58 more sleeps!



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